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A complete one-year consulting program for Small / Medium-Sized Business.

Marketing. Advertising. Team Building. Organizational Culture Development. As a small or medium-sized business (SMB) owner or high level executive, you try to devote energy to these important elements, but something always gets in the way. We understand.

That’s why we’ve created Total SMB, a program designed to overcome your biggest challenges. Together, we’ll devise a plan, keep it on track, and accomplish your goals.

What The Total SMB  Program Includes

  • The Initial Total SMB Meeting. An in-depth session of up to two hours to identify needs, challenges, gaps, goals, etc. in and for your business.
    • Goals can be related to marketing, organizational culture, personnel, finances, or any business topic.
  • A complete, custom written Total SMB Report, sent via e-mail within three weeks of the Initial Total SMB Meeting. This report will contain:
    • Tips, techniques, ideas, strategies, industry best practices – and practical solutions – relating specifically to the issues revealed in our Initial Total SMB Meeting.
    • An advertising / marketing plan within two budget scenarios if applicable.
    • Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) review of your website.
    • Clear explanations of how you can execute all action steps yourself if you wish.
    • Total disclosure of fees for our team to execute certain action steps if you prefer.
  • Five future Total SMB meetings of up to one hour each over the coming year, via telephone or video conference.
    • These sessions will take place at specific intervals after your Initial Total SMB Meeting: one month, three months, six months, nine months, one year.
    • During these meetings we will review the Total SMB Report, discuss further action steps, and explore your progress.
  • Meetings will be attended by whomever you wish from your company and a senior staff member from Praeter Group, with collaboration from other professionals.
  • Virtually unlimited e-mail access to a Praeter Group senior strategist during the entire year, with replies within 48 hours.

Total SMB  Program Fees, Payment Terms, And Guarantee

  • The fee for this program is $3,500. That includes everything mentioned above. You’ll have a senior business consultant in your corner for an entire year.
  • A deposit of 50% is due upon sign up. You will be invoiced for the remainder on the day the Total SMB Report is submitted.
  • Guarantee – If you follow through with our suggestions and are not convinced at the end of our year together that the Total SMB Program provided value to your company that exceeded its cost, we’ll reimburse the entire fee. That’s how confident we are of the effectiveness of this program.

How To Get Started

Simply send an e-mail to with your contact information. We’ll get everything set up and begin moving in a positive direction together right away.