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Values are often disconnected from reality. There’s a solution.

Every individual possesses certain defining characteristics. The same is true of organizations. In a person, we call that a personality. In a company, we can use the term Companality.

Companality significantly affects:

  • Customer experience.
  • The type of customer or patron the organization attracts.
  • Team member acquisition and retention.
  • Team morale and productivity.
  • The organization’s reputation.

Companality is corporate culture and beyond. Sadly, if the organization’s leadership doesn’t develop its culture with focused intention, other forces take over, usually leading to undesirable outcomes. The good news is that Companality can be developed intentionally, in harmony with management’s desires.

Praeter Group assists businesses and non-profits in creating beneficial cultures. Our programs include executive and leadership coaching, organization-wide initiatives, company meetings, and more.

It starts with a simple conversation. No obligation of course.