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Business and life lessons learned on the road.

Keynote address. 30 to 50 minutes.

Upon being introduced, Steve Fales (Praeter Advisory’s president), comes on stage dressed in neat running attire (long pants.) On screen is the Running Thoughts logo over a simple background. Assuming proper audio/video equipment is available, royalty-free music reminiscent of the Chariots Of Fire theme plays for a few seconds.

As the music fades, the on-screen image changes to one showing a picture of Steve completing a marathon. He begins to speak as follows:

“Hello, I’m Steve Fales.  And I’m a runner.  And while that may not be especially interesting, I’m also a self-proclaimed philosopher who is absolutely passionate about human development. So as I’ve run thousands of miles all across the country, I’ve noticed some things about running that also apply to life and business. I’d like to share a few of those with you tonight. I hope you’ll find them amusing – maybe laugh once or twice or have something tug at your heartstrings. But more than that, I hope you’ll find something that will make your own experience in life and business just a little bit easier … just a little bit better.  So let’s look at our first running thought.”

The image on screen changes to a beautiful photo of a nondescript runner in a picturesque setting. Also on screen is a quote about some aspect of running that also describes a valuable self-development or business principle. Steve’s engaging monologue points out the truth of the statement in both contexts.

This process continues as new photos and quotes are displayed. The length of the presentation is easily customized by utilizing more or fewer screens. The emphasis of the content can also be adapted to special situations.

Here are examples of two of the screens.

There is a good mix of humor, emotion, and seriousness in the delivery style and content. The audience sees glimpses behind the scenes of a marathon runner’s life, and hears anecdotes, stories, historical information, and more. The points made are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always simple, entertaining and applicable.

Aligning With Your Specific Goals

After sharing several of these running thoughts, Steve applies the lessons to the specific event. The content of this portion of the presentation is customized to each audience. Points are based upon input provided by the event organizer, incorporating the goals of the sponsoring organization, items they wish to communicate to those in attendance, etc.

Steve wraps up with a call for everyone to apply sound principles as they carry on their own journey down this adventure we call the road of life.

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