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A presentation that addresses audiences in their exact areas of need.

People know the areas in which they need advice, whether for individual growth or the benefit of the organization. And this unique, highly-interactive presentation covers those topics specifically, no matter what they are.

It starts with Steve Fales asking questions designed to generate deep thought and feedback. Then, using the answers and comments as jumping off points, he shares helpful insights gained from decades of experience regarding any subject that comes up.

A typical Improv Insights session:

  • Explores matters of interest to the audience.
  • Provides practical steps, tools, and solutions to specific challenges.
  • Cuts to the chase with relevant strategies for making improvements.
  • Includes entertaining stories and anecdotes.
  • Incorporates memorable graphics that highlight key messages.
  • Is fun and highly beneficial for both individuals and organizations.

Give your audience the advice they most want and need by having Steve Fales conduct an Improv Insights presentation at your next event.

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About the presenter:

Steve Fales has helped organizations and individuals reach their goals for more than three decades. When not in front of an audience or working in the company he founded, Steve is a husband, father, Certified Life Coach, avid chess player, and endurance athlete participating in triathlons and marathons from Boston to London.