What We Do

Praeter Advisory / What We Do


Helping leadership find space to address complex issues.


We discuss. Most of all we listen. Then we guide.


Reinforcing  organizational goals to a broader audience.

Our Services

Praeter Advisory provides a large suite of services to individuals and organizations. We break these down into three categories: Consulting, Coaching, and Communication.

Our Consulting services include assistance and advisory to non-profit and for-profit entities in the areas of business planning, analysis, management, organization, marketing and customer analysis, and copy writing for advertising and promotional purposes. We consult business managers, executives and leadership, helping them develop as individuals and as teams.

Coaching involves business education and training via the creation of customized in-company leadership and executive development programs, including one-on-one executive coaching and life coaching for the purpose of personal and professional development.

Clear Communication is the third category of expertise at Praeter Advisory. We provide keynote presentations to business leaders, both in the general public and within our clients’ companies. We also write speeches, press releases, blog posts, social media entries, and magazine/periodical articles covering corporate communications of all types.

Consulting. Coaching. Communication. Beyond the norm. That’s Praeter Advisory.