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Praeter Advisory / Let’s Go Beyond.
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This page presents the behind the scenes story of Praeter Advisory and describes how we might form an association. Because I know you’re busy, I’ve presented the information in a bulleted form. But feel free to contact me to discuss any of the points below or whatever’s on your mind. My email address is:

What’s “Praeter”?

The word “praeter” is Latin for “beyond.” That describes the mission of Praeter Advisory—to help organizations and individuals get unstuck, go beyond where they are now, and reach their full potential.

What I Do / What Praeter Advisory Does

  • Strategic Consulting For Organizations
    • Helping leadership work ON the organization, not just IN it.
    • This can go in so many directions that I won’t attempt to list them.
    • I’ve written a book on Organizational Culture, and I have expertise in a number of other areas related to business.
  • Life Coaching and Business Coaching for Individuals
    • Special expertise in Time Management, which I prefer to call Life Management.
    • Certified Life Coach / Solution-Focused, and trained in other modalities as well.
    • Natural listener.
    • Anything goes. (It’s amazing how quickly the conversations get deep.)
  • Corporate Communication – Written and Spoken
    • Memos, messaging, meetings, keynotes, breakouts, motivational speeches.
    • Meeting facilitation: Keeping things on track and out of the weeds. Recapping. Creating accountability.
  • Team Building
    • Analyzing the dynamics, strengths, and weaknesses of team members and how teams can best work together.
  • Deliverables … But Only to Support Strategy
    • I’ve designed and written hundreds of websites, ads, brochures, etc. But these days I only do them if they support a strategic initiative.

What I Don’t Do

  • Deliverables For Their Own Sake
    • But I can help you find someone.

Onboarding Process

  • One Hour Discovery Meeting Via Zoom
    • This is not a sales pitch disguised as a Discovery Meeting. You’ll receive real value during this hour, and leave with a sense of what it would be like to work together.
    • Optionally, we can have an in-person meeting, though that may not be necessary or possible.
  • Then We Tell Each Other If We Are Interested In Working Together
    • I only work with organizations and individuals I know I can help, and with whom I think the association would be enjoyable.
    • This is not a sales gimmick. I’m doing Praeter Advisory as a mission, and to enjoy myself—not for the money or to build an empire.
  • If We Both Want To Move Forward, I’ll Follow Up
    • I’ll send you two brief (amazingly brief) documents outlining our main objectives, what you’ll receive in our association, and the fees I suggest in exchange. This applies to both types of engagements: consulting (organizations), and coaching (individuals).
  • Whether To Engage Is Up To You

Typical Business Consulting Engagement (Though each engagement is unique.)

  • You’ll Have My Complete Attention for a certain number of hours per month.
  • We’ll Decide How I Can Be Best Utilized in your organization. Of course, I’ll make suggestions.

Typical Life Coaching Engagement (Again, each engagement is unique.)

  • Regular Meetings
    • Zoom, Skype, phone, or in person.
    • Frequency and length TBD.
    • Usually once every two weeks. More often if there’s a need.
    • Usually an hour to 75 minutes at a time, because the brain gets tired.

Both Business Consulting and Life Coaching Clients Also Receive …

  • Plenty Of Access To Me – via phone, text, email … with reasonable response times.
  • A Dedicated, Caring, Listening Ear
  • Empathetic Follow Up And Accountability
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • A Friend for Life (Me)
  • And A Lot More — One of those amazingly-brief documents mentioned above will include a more complete list of what you’ll receive.


  • I’ll Suggest a Monthly Fee After Our Discovery Meeting
    • It won’t be “cheap,” but it’s usually less than clients anticipated, and much less than the value they receive.
    • If we get that far, it means I’m quite sure I can help you, and I want to. So if necessary we can dialogue, with the objective of making the fee comfortable for you and fair for me.
    • I’ve never said “No” solely based on money.
  • Minimum Commitment of Four to Six Months
    • I’ll suggest the duration in the amazingly-brief document mentioned above.
    • Occasionally I suggest a longer or shorter minimum commitment.
    • Ongoing month to month after that, with all parties in agreement.
  • Invoices Submitted At Beginning Of Month
    • First month prorated.
    • Due by the 5th day of the month.
    • Multiple months may be paid in advance if you prefer.
    • Payment via credit/debit cards on my secure online portal.

The Next Step

If you’d like to explore whether I and Praeter Advisory can help your organization and/or you personally to get unstuck, go beyond where you are now, and reach your full potential, visit my Calendly and schedule our one-hour Discovery Meeting. I’ll be back in touch with Zoom login details and information on how you can prepare for our discussion.

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