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Jets On The Tarmac

People who seem to know such things have said that at any moment – right now for example – there are jet fighters on airstrips, fueled and running, with pilots in the cockpits, able to deploy immediately if needed. If that’s true, the details are no doubt highly classified. Either way, there’s a great application to businesses and individuals.

We never know when opportunity will appear. It could be for personal growth, to strike a profitable deal, to lend a hand, achieve a goal, or any of a thousand scenarios. We need to be prepared.

Spending hours – or years – reading self-development literature, meeting with a mentor, getting an education, practicing / training, or simply reflecting in silence can seem tedious. But then the occasion presents itself and we’re equipped for positive results.

A saying attributed to various sages (no one’s sure who said it first) goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Perhaps this is true in reverse as well … “When the teacher is ready, the student will appear.”

So let’s get ready. One day life will call upon us to share the unique gifts we’ve developed through hard efforts undertaken in secret. And when that happens, we’ll be set for take-off.

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